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Words of Wisdom from ascended guides through clairvoyant  Theresa Walstra

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Master of Serenity: Being the Peace You Want to See in the World

Keith Engelhardt is the founder of NeuroYoga" Zone ™He is a Master Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness instructor (1000+ hours) and has committed several decades to helping people release and reverse the impact of stress and reactivity in their lives. Keith has been teaching Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness for over 30 years at Dayton, Ohio area institutions including Montgomery Co. Career Technology Center, The Dayton Heart Fitness Center, and Samaritan North Wellbeing Center. He has also taught yoga to the touring cast of CATS ™. He has added on-line classes to his offering; which are available to anyone with an internet connection. In addition, he is a certified “Yoga2Life”™ Mentor Life Coach, and has a certificate in Neuroscience & Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental, or Repeated Trauma." He also has experience with yoga and the treatment of anxiety and depression. You can trust Keith to guide you to the awakening of your potential and possibilities with meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

Sue Bryan MA has the experience to guide you gently from where you are in life right now to where you want to be. Using powerful Energy and Spiritual Psychology principles and tools this life-long teacher and grandma will show you how to love yourself so deeply that you will blossom into the radiant being you always meant to be. She will introduce you to new, empowering stories that will reveal your innate power to you.  And she will hold you unflinchingly to your highest self as you learn to take the reins of that Infinite Power into your own hands to create - whatever you want.

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From Jacqui Nelson Walburn, here are some tips for using botanicals and food to calm your Basic OS.

Also thanks to Keith Engelhardt here's a guided meditation designed to support you in a more peaceful life.